Video Viral

By Neo Bye

This hilarious clip shows a man trying to imitate the widely popular “floss” dance but doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Amber Bird was behind the camera while her husband Jeff was being taught the viral dance by her daughter, Chantel, in their home in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Chantel tries to slow down the frantic swinging of the arms to show law enforcement officer Jeff the right positioning before speeding up the movement.

Jeff tries for himself at full speed but throws his arms, wildly in an attempt to keep the beat while the rest of the family snigger and giggle at the sight.

The move is made even more comical due to the hefty security gear that Jeff is wearing that include a big belt and utility vest.

Amber said: “My husband Jeff was getting ready to go to work, and my daughter was watching some videos on her phone. 

“He is kind of goofy and fun and started imitating some of the dance moves she was watching.

My daughter Chantel rolled her eyes at him so I suggested that she teach him how to do “the floss”.

“When he’s in his full uniform, it’s rather bulky, so he kind of had to throw his arms wider than normal. He was having fun.

“My husband has a great sense of humour.

“When I asked him how he felt, because so many people have watched it, he said ‘as long as it makes people laugh, or if it encourages parents to be silly with their kids, then I’m happy’.”