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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

The world’s most chilled-out and cuddly koala has melted hearts around the globe after adorable footage emerged of the blissed-out Aussie animal lovingly lapping up affection.

After watching this heart-warming video, there is no denying that this adorable five-year-old koala named Imogen loves nothing more than being showered with love and affection all day, every day.

Pic by @symbiowildlifepark/Caters News

The chilled-out marsupial has been endearingly called a ‘little princess’ by her band of ‘loyal human subjects’ at Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh, New South Wales, Australia – and she is said to be constantly demanding cuddles, belly rubs and head scratches from the zookeepers.

Footage of Imogen appearing to fall into a euphoric trance while being pampered with pats has melted hearts online – with the hilariously happy koala racking up nearly 20,000 views on social media.

Pic by @symbiowildlifepark/Caters News

A spokesperson for Symbio Wildlife Park said: “Imogen is such a little princess who loves nothing more than being pampered with love and affection.

“She does this cute thing where she will actually put her arms up behind her head and leans right back so you can rub her belly.

“Because she was hand-raised, she is a lot more affectionate to people than normal koalas in the wild. She will come right up to you looking for affection.

Pic by @symbiowildlifepark/Caters News

“She is super chilled and really loving. She is so good with people and just wants to be pampered all the time.

“It’s so beautiful to see. We all adore her so much and she means so much to us.”

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