Video Viral

By Neo Bye

This mum was ‘saved’ by her three-year-old daughter as she was scared she will fall from the perfectly safe hillside trail.

Stay-at-home mum Scarlett Harrison, 22, was sitting, admiring the sea view of Patrick’s Point, California, before her concerned daughter begged her to sit in a safer spot.

Daughter Beige tugged at her mother’s hand and coat telling her to get away from the ledge that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

After questioning why, Scarlett finally concedes and tells beloved Beige that she will move away from the edge.

Scarlett said: “Beige is such a grown up when it comes to safety.

“I was sitting on a ledge without railing, but there was no danger.

“She’s always saying funny things I thought it was cute how concerned she was.

“Whenever she thinks anyone is in danger it worries her but she’s definitely especially protective of me and her little sister.”