Animals Video

By Ben Walley

Swimming with sharks is scary enough – but even more so when it’s dinner time.

The videos show John Dornellas swimming with sharks and dolphins while they’re feeding.

Pic by John Dornellas/Caters News

The 34-year-old freediving and spearfishing instructor shot this video underneath a drag netting boat in the Gulf of Mexico.

John said: “I had never seen dolphins and sharks eating together without a single incident of aggression towards each other.

“Seeing the mutual toleration between species calmed me and gave me some confidence that I would also be (hopefully) tolerated.

Pic by John Dornellas/Caters News

“At one point, I was under the water when several shovels full of chum went into the water, showering down on me like stinky fish-hailstones.

“Instantly I was immersed in a tornado of sharks all eating within a few inches of me.

“The dolphins were also around [and] later that day I landed a 150 pound yellowfin tuna, but the highlight of the day was definitely swimming with the sharks.”