Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A female leopard’s advances were ignored by her lover who preferred to take a snooze on a tree branch instead.

While on safari in Kruger National Park, South Africa, Judy Lehmberg, learnt that it’s not just house cats that are stubborn and enjoy a good catnap.

Unfortunately for the lady leopard, her advances were completely ignored by her partner, either out of stubbornness, or like most males, from sheer obliviousness.

The female couldn’t have made her intentions any clearer, at one point even planting her backside on her lover’s face.

But after being growled at and rejected, the female finally gave up, and it was at this moment that male finally got the hint, but it was too little too late for him who found himself, ironically, in the doghouse.

Judy said: “The leopards had finished a big meal and were in somewhat of a meat coma.

“Even though it was really hot and they were really full the female wanted to mate.

“The male wanted no part of that and just wanted to sleep.

“It was funny because usually it is the male after the female and the male was so disinterested, he growled at the female.

“He really did not want anything to do with her.”