Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

Three bear cubs were rescued from being trapped inside a dumpster by firefighters.

Truckee Meadows firefighter Ed Martin and his colleagues were awoken by a banging of a bin outside their station in Nevada.

Going outside, the trio saw a mother bear over the bin which was on its side and took a closer look.

Carefully lifting the lid, not one, but three black bear cubs slowly made their way into the daylight before sprinting off into the bush nearby.

Adam Mayberry, from the fire service, said: “It is rare, but not uncommon to see bears in residential neighbourhoods, as they come close to communities in the fall for food.

“The bears likely climbed into the bin late at night, and between the three of them, tipped it over.

“It wasn’t until the next morning, when our crew saw the mama bear pacing back and forth several feet away from the station, and noticed the bin was on its side, did we suspect something was up.

“We expected to see a single bear cub inside, not three.”