Video Viral

By Harriet Whitehead

This is the hilarious moment a man was run over by a trailer as his bungling relatives tried to reverse it onto a drive – but miraculously escaped unscathed.

Funny video footage shows Daniel Wallis, 31, falling to the ground before dad Stuart ‘Turbo’ Wallis, 51, and brother-in-law Gavin Cooke, 25, accidentally push the trailer over the top of him.

But despite being run over by the heavy vehicle, the 6ft 9in groundworker was unharmed thanks to a titanium plate in his leg which was fitted a couple of years ago following a motorbike accident.

In the video, filmed on CCTV outside Gavin’s house, Daniel can be seen grabbing the back end of the trailer to drag it onto the driveway before he appears to lose his balance, fall down and disappear underneath it.

Finding the incident hilarious, dad-of-one Gavin, who was using the trailer to move a tree from his garden, raced to replay it on CCTV before sharing the funny vid on social media.

Gavin, from Congleton, Cheshire, said: “We were outside pushing the trailer and we hadn’t heard him fall over.

“He’s a tall lad – 6ft 9. His head was just there one minute and the next he’d disappeared. I think he lost his balance.

“The we realised we’d run him over with the trailer. We’d given it quite a big push to get it over the kerb but then realised it was probably his leg we were balancing it on.

“I went to the side to have a look and half his leg was underneath it. It was comedy gold.

“He was on the deck for a good 15 seconds then he was trying to squirm out from underneath.

“He’s got a titanium plate in his leg so it didn’t hurt but we did hear the clink.”

Veg delivery driver Gavin said he couldn’t wait to re-watch the incident.

He added: “He was so embarrassed and even more so when he found out we had it on film.

“As soon as it happened I went straight to the CCTV and got it on my phone. It was hilarious.”

Daniel said: “It was a bit sore afterwards, but luckily the fact that I’ve got the titanium plate meant I didn’t get the full impact of the tyre going over my leg.

“I wasn’t even bruised, but my ego certainly was.”