Video Viral

By Josh Saunders

A doting daughter caught the moment she surprised her family and friends by flying home early from a round-the-world trip in a hilarious video.

Lucy Styles, 25, from Walsall, West Midlands, flew nearly 7,000 miles to surprise her nearest and dearest after 15 month apart.

To avoid suspicion, she told her parents that she was flying home later in the month and secretly embarked on a 36-hour journey of four flights and a nine-hour layover to get back.

After being picked up from the airport by friend Julie, 26, she headed home to surprise mum Lesley, 60, on the doorstep who screamed in shock, before laughing.

In contrast, her ‘overly talkative’ dad Barry, 59, was left gobsmacked after seeing his daughter sitting on the sofa.

After the success of her first two videos, Lucy decided to continue trying to surprise as many people as she could and recorded them in a series of hilarious videos.

Lucy, a physiotherapist, said: “I didn’t even know if my parents would be home. I didn’t have a housekey or anything and I couldn’t ask them any questions in case it made them suspicious.

“Before surprising my mum, it was a strange feeling, I was really nervous and shaking, but excited more than anything.

“Then when she saw me she began screaming and then laughing, her reaction was very special, she was so shocked and so happy at the same time.

” Surprising my dad was great too. He’s never not speaking but was left speechless when he saw me and was in pure shock.

“To get home I was travelling for 36 hours but it was worth it seeing the looks on their faces.

“I was going to leave it at that, but when my friend Julie came round for dinner, she suggest that we carry on surprising more of my friends.

“After surprising my family went so well, it became my mission to do it to as many friends as I could.

“My one friend was eating her dinner when I surprised her and yelled, ‘I haven’t got a bra on’, then ran up the stairs, which was hilarious and surreal.

“All of the reactions were really good, I’ve watched back all of their reactions so many times now.”

Lucy started planning her surprise reaction recordings in preparation for returning home after travelling the world for 15 months.

On April 1st, she started travelling back from the Philippines and 36-hours later arrived in Birmingham ready to shock her mum.

She said: “When you finish travelling it is quite sad, as you know your life will be different when you get home but planning this surprise made it really fun.

“As soon as I saw my mum, I was filled with pure excitement and happiness. She thought I was in Bali.

“Because I missed Christmas, we planned to have a second one when I got home, so when my mum saw me she kept saying, ‘I haven’t got the turkey’ – it was hilarious but very sweet.”

While her mum was surprised and shocked at first, she says the prank was ‘pretty amusing’.

Mum Lesley said: “It felt very strange and almost unbelievable as she wasn’t supposed to be back for another 17 days, but then I obviously felt very, very happy and excited.

“I think I was open mouthed to begin with, then screamed and hugged her, I didn’t want to let her go.”

Later she went on to prank her brother Mark, 22, who was so shocked he couldn’t help but laugh and later her dad.

Dad Barry said: “When I saw Lucy, I was speechless and stunned, that happens very, very rarely.

“But I was extremely happy and thankful she was safe and well as it had been a very long time.”

Lucy recommends making ‘homecoming reaction videos’ to other travellers returning home.

Lucy said: “I thought it would be great fun and I would have that memory forever, I was also hoping for some funny reactions too.

“A lot of people have found my dad’s reaction quite funny, he’s very talkative, normally you can’t shut him up, but when he saw me he couldn’t say anything.

“I’ve been told it’s brought tears to some people’s eyes and others have said it was hilarious.”