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By Chris Jaffray

This ghost-busting pooch has put even Scooby Doo to shame – because she can sniff out SPIRITS from beyond the grave.

Spook dog Basil, a 14-year-old Border Collie, doesn’t get terrier-fied when she heads out with owner Ian Wood to haunted locations across the UK – instead barking to alert the team to otherworldly presences.


HGV driver Ian, 53, from Leyland, Lancs, became a ghost hunter in his teens and said fans now flock from all over the country to meet the paranormal pooch.  

Ian, who has been involved in tracking down otherworldly presences for 38 years, claims when Basil senses a spirit she barks into thin air, growls and her fur stands on end.

He said: “When I was 16 I first started to see things which weren’t normal for a young lad, so I decided to pursue paranormal activity to see where I would end up.

“You are not sure as a young person what it is, but as you get older you tend to connect a bit more with spirits.

“About two or three years after I got Basil, things started to happen at home.


“She began acting differently, and I realised because I knew the house was haunted she was seeing the same things I was seeing, and was also able to communicate with the spirit world.

 “Basil is a friendly dog with not an ounce of aggression in her, but once she has found a spirit she barks and will not move.

“Her fur goes up and she starts growling at nothing – or at something nobody else can see.

“She works with us at ghost hunting events so lots of people have seen this reaction, and of course other people believe it too.”

Ian is part of a team of six paranormal activists – the Sixth Sense Ghost Hunters – who turn up in uniform with him in destinations across the UK to spot spirits from beyond the grave.

As their honorary seventh member, Basil attends hunts with them.


Ian said during one visit to a school in Scotland Basil would not move down the corridor or come down the stairs because she could sense an invisible otherworldly presence in front of them.

And he said due to her TV appearances as a ghost hunter the pooch has since become a celebrity – selling hundreds of autographs and winning hearts across the country

Ian said: “We are the only team anywhere in the world that can categorically prove the existence of ghosts.

“We can prove it within five minutes of our arrival, we have elevated people in mid air who were lying flat. 

“A lot of people know who Basil is because she’s been on TV – she has her own Facebook fans too.

“When I got professional autographs of her pawprint made, we sold hundreds on eBay.

“Everyone knows who she is.

“It’s not just in Lancashire and Manchester – people have come to see her from as far away as Aberdeen and Land’s