Animals Video

By Neo Bye

A clever dog surprised his owner by using a survival method to dry off after falling into ice-cold water.

Cricket, a Shiba Inu, was playing around in Manning Park, British Columbia, when he slipped into a freezing lake on April 27.

The dithering dog, who was wearing a dog-coat, repeatedly rolled himself in the snow as soon as he came out of the water.

Owner Gabrielle Stroud, 28, was amazed to find out Cricket had performed a real survival technique when she uploaded the video on Instagram.

Gabrielle, said: “I learned that rolling in snow is a survival skill after a friend commented on the video and shared that info with me!

“I had no idea and thought it was just a silly thing he was doing!

“Other people have messaged me to tell me how clever Cricket is!

“I already knew that though, he’s smarter than me and great at manipulating people into giving him extra treats.”