Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

A science teacher left her pupils flabbergasted after performing a gravity-defying experiment – with the help of a little trick.

Mrs. Madden, from Mount Kisco, New York, held a jar full of water upside down, to show her students that even after removing the cover that liquid would not fall into the sink below. 

She explained that the air pressure within the jar was stronger than gravity and thus able to keep the water inside its container.

However, the experiment involved some trickery the students weren’t aware of.

Jordan Zeiger, 13, who filmed the experiment, said: “The air pressure pushing up is stronger than the force of gravity pulling down because there is a wire mesh, which divides the top into tiny sections.

“Because of this there needs to be less force in order to hold up the water, only enough for the mass of each individual section.

“We, the students could not see the mesh either, so our reactions were all genuine and we were completely surprised and amazed.”