Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A firefighter pulled a baby deer out a storm drain where it was trapped in this incredible moment.

Bryan Morales, 32, from the North County Fire Authority of Pacifica, California, carefully put his hands between the tight gap above the drain to extract the frightened fawn.

Bryan was assisted by two officers from Pacifica Police, who arrived on the scene on this week (April 8) after a neighbour reported the youngster had become stuck.

The baby deer looked scared but fortunately was unharmed as Bryan delicately held the animal in his hands, moments after the rescue.

Ron Bravo, spokesperson from the North County Fire Authority, said: “The fawn appeared to be uninjured.

“This is not a normal event, however there are several open spaces and wildland in and around Pacifica that support wildlife including a decent deer population.”