Animals Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith

A Labrador has attempted to rescue his sibling after he got himself completely stuck under the sofa cover.

The hilarious video clip shows pooch Max, a brown Labrador cross, trapped underneath the sofa cover as his sibling, Mollie, barks and attempts to help – with little success.

Owner Brooke Parris, 28 was entering the house after a long day at work when she walked in on her pooches hilarious antics.

Stuck under a couch cover, it appears the adorable dog had got a little too excited when he heard his owner approaching the house, and had dived beneath the cover.

Wiggling his tail, and barking in the hilarious footage that Brooke managed to snag on her phone, Mollie, who is five, can be seen trampling on four-year-old Max’s head as the pair frantically try and reach Brooke.

Brooke said: “Mollie and Max usually meet me at the door, but when only Mollie showed up I panicked.

“Then I saw the couch moving, Max was barking, wagging his tail – he thought it was all a game, as Mollie did her best to lend a paw.

“I knew I had to film it, he was loving it and it was hilarious.

“Max is definitely my goofy dog – he loves to cuddle but he’s just a mess – he loves to smile and is always a hyper troublemaker.

“He’d got himself super lost under the cover, but super excited – and as Mollie tried to help, I couldn’t help but giggle, as soon as I knew he was ok.

“I posted on social media – and the reaction was brilliant as people loved it.

“Max and Mollie can cause madness, but I love them both – they’ve got such great personalities.”