Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

An animal rescuer saved the lives of a pair of kittens who had been trapped between two walls for three days.

In an operation that lasted almost 48 hours, Hoang Dinh from the Los Angeles Animal Services used a Bullard Thermal Imager to locate the tiny cats, who supposedly became stuck after falling from a gap on the house’s roof.

Pic by LA Animal Services/Caters News

He used power tools to make an opening in the wall and rescue the kittens last week (May 2).

Meanwhile, trail cameras on the roof filmed the kittens’ mother as she frantically looked for her babies.

The two cats were finally taken to North Central LA Animal Services Center where they were examined and placed in an incubator.

Pic by LA Animal Services/Caters News

Spokesperson from Los Angeles Animal Services, Armando Navarrete, said: “The mother cat had them in the attic but once they were able to walk they ended up falling in between the walls of the home, thus becoming trapped.

“The kitten were trapped for about three days.

“The rescue took two days due to not locating the kittens until the team’s Thermal Imager was used.

“The kittens are now doing well and will be up for adoption once they reach eight weeks of age.”