Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A wildlife film maker captured one of the most minute aspects of the circle of life as a carnivorous plant slowly digested an unlucky ant.

In the Animal Kingdom, nowhere is safe, not even an unassuming leaf.

Retired biology professor Judy Lehmberg, 66, managed to capture a miniature fight for survival while visiting the Big Thicket National Preserve, Texas.

The eagle-eyed wildlife filmmaker managed to capture an unlucky ant fighting for its life against the carnivorous butterwort plant.

The unassuming ant slowly walked across the butterwort’s leaf but got stuck in the sweet globs of mucous that the hungry plant produced. 

Once it had caught its prey, the plant slowly started to close i’s leaf over the ant in order to digest it.

Judy said: “East Texas has more species of carnivorous plants than any other place in the USA.

“Butterworts are only one species of Texas carnivorous plant.

“Carnivorous plants evolved to survive in soil other plants can’t thrive in.

“I felt very happy to be able to view the Butterwort catching it’s dinner.”