Life Video

By Joe McFarlane

An acrobatic pensioner left onlookers stunned as he celebrated his 66th birthday doing somersaults and backflips at a trampoline park.

Proving that you’re only as old as you feel, Michael Brook showed the youngsters a trick or two at Lowes Xtreme Sports Trampoline Park in Provo, Utah, on December 7.

The ex-member of the Great American High Diving Team, Michael Brook hasn’t let time erode his love for all things trampolining, showing off an incredible array of stunts on the bouncy base.

As youngsters a third Michael’s age looked on in awe, performed an amazing routine before landing unexpectedly badly.

Michael said: “Years ago I worked with a holistic doctor that taught me the basic principles of optimal health creation. 

“He said ‘if you learn and live these principles of health you will dramatically reduce the chances of ever having a serious disease and as you age your body won’t break down and start falling apart’.

“I took his teaching to heart and it’s paid off.”

Not only does Michael love trampolining, he regularly skis off 10-metre-high professional freestyle platforms at aerial acrobatics events.