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A lone wolf bravely stood his ground by facing off against two giant, ferocious grizzly bears to determine the ownership of an elk carcass.

The massive meal in Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park, USA caused Judy Lehmberg, 66, and her photographer friends to throw a “carcass party”, knowing it would attract hungry mouths.

And the group wasn’t wrong, as a scar ridden female grizzly bear appeared out of the wild in order to casually chow down uninterrupted on the elk. 

However, it didn’t take long for the female to have to defend her dinner from an eager alpha male wolf, who Judy believed was the true owner of the kill.

Judy said: “No one seemed to know whether the grizzly had killed the elk or not. 

“The wolves most likely killed the elk while the grizzly stole it from them.”

Legitimate ownership of the meal didn’t stop the female from crushing a full-grown pine tree in her frantic effort of fending off the wolf.

Luckily for the lone wolf, he managed to find some scraps to take back to his pups while the female Bear had a new rival for the meal, as a full-grown male Grizzly got wind of the free food.

Over the course of eight to ten hours, Judy and her wildlife fanatics sat back and marvelled as the two ferocious predators faced off in order to determine ownership over the meal, while the alpha male and female wolves snuck away whatever scraps they could. 

Judy said: “Over the course of the day, the alpha female and the alpha male of the Wapiti wolfpack came to get meat to take it back to their pups.

“I was worried that the wolves would get hurt by the male grizzly, but I was happy to know that the pups were going to get fed.”