Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

A lazy sloth enjoyed an afternoon chill inside a basket hanging from a tree with rope.

Trevor, the four-year-old mammal, didn’t feel like doing much as he rocked the afternoon away in his make-shift hammock.

PIC FROM Rescue Center Costa Rica/Caters News

The young sloth looked relaxed and smiled as he was filmed snoozing in his plastic crib by a team member on April 22 at Rescue Center Costa Rica.

Trevor is one of the 43 sloths who live together at the center, which is located within the district of Turrucares in the North of the country.

PIC FROM Rescue Center Costa Rica/Caters News

Alison Buchanan, 22, Social Media Manager at the center, said: “Two toed sloths are nocturnal, so even though Trevor is great in the trees and climbing at night, he gets very lazy during the day.”