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By Charlotte Nisbet

An adorable Golden Retriever has been caught helping herself to ice cubes after teaching herself how to operate her owners fridge.

Danielle Kiss, 28, and Anthony Roesler, 31, were left baffled after noticing their ice machine was constantly empty.

But on May 6 [2019], they suddenly realised the reason why after the pair spotted their young pooch, Syrabi, helping herself.

PIC FROM Caters News

The hilarious video shows the Golden Retriever operating the ice machine on the fridge by pressing down the lever with her nose and paw.

As the ice cube drop onto the floor, Danielle and Anthony’s other four dog scramble across the kitchen to eat the ice.

Syrabi now uses the ice machine daily and only moves away from the machine when prompted by her owners.

Danielle, a nurse, from Nebraska, US, said: “Syrabi loves ice but we had no idea she was using our fridge machine daily until we spotted her earlier this week.

“She must’ve seen us using is and realised it just needed a little push in order for the ice to fall out.

PIC FROM Caters News

“We think it’s hilarious that the reason our ice machine is always empty is because she’s pressing the button constantly.

“In the video you can see our other dogs with include two more Golden Retrievers, called Simba, two and Mufasa, four months,  a German Shepard called Sasha, 12, and a Pomeranian, called Gismo, 14.

“Syrabi will happily stand at the ice machine until we usher her away from it.

“I decided to video her most recent ice machine usage as I wanted to share it on Facebook to make others smile.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Danielle says the five dogs often get up to mischief together while both herself and Anthony, who is an engineer, are at work.

She added: “As they have free rein to do as they please during the day so I dread to think how many ice cubes they all eat.

“We don’t mind though, we absolutely love our dogs and their antics always make us laugh.”