Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A unicyclist rolls around the streets of London, performing unbelievable tricks on one wheel.

Most people hop in a black cab or take the tube to get around London, but for Simon Berry, there’s nothing more thrilling than hitting the streets on one wheel.

The 24-year-old, originally from King’s Lynn, Norfolk, has taken his new adopted home by storm, performing amazing tricks and skills on his beloved unicycle.

From flipping the unicycle between his legs and riding backwards, to balancing on one foot and leaping upstairs, Simon can do more on one wheel than most people can do with their feet safely on the ground.

Simon said: “My videos showcase flatland and street unicycling.

“Flatland involves performing tricks on flat ground, usually concentrating on technical moves, power moves, creativity and style. 

“Street unicycling takes similar tricks into an urban environment, where they’re thrown up and down flights of stairs, ledges, and even rails.”

Having spent almost half his life balancing on one wheel, Simon’s skills have immersed him in a passionate culture of unicycling.

But anyone put off by the idea of riding on one-wheel shouldn’t fear as Simon says all it takes is time and dedication.

Simon said: “Unicycling looks difficult, but after learning to ride in a straight line the learning curve is no different to riding a bike, skateboarding, or getting good at knitting. It’s just a question of putting in the time, having the right attitude, and not being afraid to fail repeatedly in pursuit of progress. 

“Anyone can get good at it if they put the time in. I guess that’s the most difficult thing; finding the time to maintain my skills and progress them while balancing all the other aspects of life.

“As long as you dedicate yourself and some time to it, and enter with a positive attitude, anyone can do it.”

Simon’s mastery and love affair with the unique mode of transport began at an early age.

Simon said: “As a child, I was into anything challenging.

“I obsessed over riding bikes, roller-skates, scooters, skateboards, pogo sticks, even juggling, but nothing kept my interest for long. 

“I bought a rusty old unicycle that I saw in my friend’s garage after my 13th birthday and spent a half-term holiday learning to ride it, and since then I’ve never seen a reason to stop.”

And there’s no reason for Simon to put the brakes on, as the videographer now uses his tricks to produce video and digital content for professional brands.

Simon said: “I perform extreme unicycle shows both solo and with my friends. I also dedicate my time to promoting unicycling in the UK. “I help with meet-ups in different cities every month, to try to make unicycling, something which is admittedly very niche, more accessible.

And even to this day, Simon still gets an adrenaline rush from his daredevil tricks.

Simon said: “Landing a new trick is true euphoria.

“It’s hugely satisfying when something you might have spent years trying finally works.

“When you really want to land a trick, you end up dreaming about it and visualising what it feels like constantly.

“When you land it, the satisfaction goes well beyond the fraction of a second of the trick itself.

“In a sense, unicycling is like therapy to me. I can go outside, work up a sweat and process whatever’s on my mind.

“There’s something about unicycling, the balance and the concentration, which is hugely liberating. I don’t really know where I’d be without it.”