Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

An unlucky motorist had his car totalled after a van pulling a trailer ran a red light and crashed into the central reservation.

Andrew Marine was mere minutes from home in Fremont, California, on March 13, when he pulled off the freeway.

As the 27-year-old car enthusiast crossed an intersection, a van travelling from the right turned into the traffic and crossed multiple lanes with no signal.

Giving Andrew no time to react, his 1999 BMW M3 is forced into the central reservation, and the whole passenger door being ripped apart.

Andrew said: “I was a bit shaken but mostly upset at the loss of my car.

“My car was totalled, while his trailer had almost no damage to it.

“His insurance ended up accepting 100% liability.  

It got taken away by the insurance straight after.

“I had planned to try and make it a weekend track project, unfortunately, it’s gone now.”