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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A furious mum has slammed a plus-size clothing store after she was ‘disgusted’ by their use of thin models who advertised their garments by STRETCHING them out.

After looking to buy plus-sized lingerie online, Kristin Russell – who wears a US size 24 [UK size 28] – said she came across an online clothing store called ‘Plus Sized Baby’ that supposedly specialised in catering to larger women.

PIC FROM Caters News

The 31-year-old mum-of-one from Falls City, Nebraska, USA, said she was excited at the prospect of being able to purchase plus-sized lingerie online – but claims she was ‘shocked and disgusted’ after seeing how the company advertised their clothing.

Instead of using plus-sized women to model their clothes, the online store has taken photographs of petite models wearing larger clothes – despite the garments being far too big for their frame.

The models have then stretched out the clothing with their hands to show the true size – and in one photograph used to advertise a pair of black leggings, the model has even squeezed her entire body into one pant leg.

PIC FROM Kristin Russell/Caters News

Restaurant owner Kristin said: “I had never actually heard of the company before, but I came across their website one day after one of their advertisements popped up on Twitter.

“I was looking to buy some nice lingerie, and I do prefer buying online as it can be difficult to find nice plus-sized underwear in stores.

“I saw one of their photos of a stick-thin model wearing a pair of underwear and she was stretching it out with her hands as far as it would go.

“I thought it must have been a mistake. I didn’t think anyone would advertise that way.

“But the website was full of them and they just got more offensive as you keep looking. It just made me feel bad about myself.

“I honestly have no idea why they’ve chosen to advertise in this way. I don’t know if perhaps they were just embarrassed to have someone of a bigger size wearing their clothes.

PIC FROM Caters News

“It’s not helpful at all. Besides being offensive, I can’t actually see how the garment is going to fit.

“When you’re ordering online, all you have to go off is seeing how that item of clothing fits somebody else so you can imagine how it would look on you.

“But you can’t compare when they’re advertising this way. It’s impossible.

“The cherry on top was when they put a girl in one pant leg. It’s just bizarre and so demeaning.

After feeling ‘deeply offended’ by the company’s advertisements, Kristin decided to share her thoughts online in an emotive Facebook post – and was shocked after it rapidly went viral, racking up over 40,000 likes and shares in less than 48 hours.

PIC FROM Kristin Russell/Caters News

On their website, ‘Plus Size Baby’ claim to be supportive of all women and encourage women of all sizes to ‘be proud’ of their bodies – even giving reasons as to why being plus-sized is ‘cool’.

She said: “I had some friends I wanted to share it with, so instead of messaging them about it I decided to share it.

“I never expected the post to go so viral. But it’s obvious with how many shares it’s got, that lots of people feel the same way that I do.

“You don’t see clothing for petite women being advertised by plus-sized women who can’t fit the garments. It makes no sense.

“I really just hope that the company take these comments seriously and consider changing their website.

“You want to feel sexy when buying lingerie, regardless of what size you are. But sadly, nothing about their website made me feel good.”

‘Plus Size Baby’ has been contacted for comment.