Animals Video

By Josh Saunders

A creepy crawly dubbed an ‘alien’ after it refused to walk on its feet has been captured in footage.

Marcela Iglesias from Agura Hills, Los Angeles, captured the six-centimetre bustling bug as it wiggled around on its back.


Confused by why the insect wasn’t using its legs to get around, she and son Rodrigo tried to flip it over but with every turn the bug rolled onto its back once more.

Wiggling away off the pavement and into the soil, Marcela yells ‘Oh my god’ unable to believe her eyes.

Despite being declared like an ‘alien’ online, it’s believed to be a Green June Beatle Larvae, whose tiny legs cannot carry their heavy bodies.

This isn’t the first unusual dalliance with bugs for TV Personality Marcela, who consumes five Chinese weevils every day in a bid to prevent cancer.

She said: “I have never seen a bug walking on its back before, it was huge.

“This bug was not small, it was around 5-6cm and was crawling on its back.


“I was wondering what it was and thought it must be have been stuck on its back.

“So we flipped it over but then it flipped back again, we did this two or three times before realising he must like walking on his back.

“Then he crawled to where the leaves were and dug himself in the soil.

“I didn’t want to bother him or make it like an experiment, so I let him go.

“I’ve never seen anything like that.

“Other people have been very shocked by it too, it’s crazy.

“Some people thought it was an alien, but it’s not it’s just a bug.”