Animals Video

By Neo Bye

An ecstatic Shiba Inu with ‘airplane’ ears wags its tail so much that it looks ready for take-off.

With her ever moving tail and ears pinned back, happy pooch Mocca appears as if she is about to take flight.

Whether she is lying on the couch or standing on stairs at home in Yokohama, Japan, the chuffed canine always flashes owner Yuka Itakura a toothy grin.

Yuka, 53, said: “Mocca always had airplane ears but it became more apparent when she was about one years old.

“She always smiled even as a puppy but not all Shibas can smile like that. 

“They are known to show very little emotion and are very loyal to the master but not too friendly with other people or dogs.

 “Mocca was always happy and friendly from the start.

 “When people see her, they say they are dying because she is too cute, she made their day and brought smiles to them.”