Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

A brutal fight broke out around stunned diners at an IHOP diner.

Dunia Matamoros was enjoying a peaceful dinner at the pancake restaurant in Seattle, Washington, on May 5 when all hell broke loose.

An argument between two diners because physical when one landed a huge slap on the other’s face, breaking out into a brawl.

After another huge punch, the pugilistic pair ended up on the restaurant floor as onlookers tried to break them up.

Dunia said: “The man who slapped the other guy was by himself having a peaceful meal with a burger and shake then the other guy must’ve disturbed his peace so he got up and felt very disrespected.

“No one got to really win

“The cops did come a few minutes shortly after.”

“The servers had to clean and seemed very used to it.”