Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

An unsuspecting visitor was bitten on the face by a snake hidden in his next-door neighbour’s front door.

When Jerel Heywood went to visit his childhood friend Rodney Copeland in Lawton, Oklahoma, on May 5, he was greeted by an unexpected host.

Opening the outer screen, a snake appears out of shot and leaps out on to the 51-year-old’s face and clamps its teeth into the skin around his upper left eye.

After stumbling through the front door, Jerel was taken straight to the ER by Rodney and his wife, where they were told the snake was non-venomous.

Rodney’s son Mashawn said: “We made sure Jerel got to the ER immediately.

“Fortunately, it was a non-venomous bite. 

“The snake was wrapped around the porch light fixture, so it blended in.

“They’re best friends and hang out daily, but this has never happened before.”