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By Taniya Dutt

This is the jaw-dropping moment an adrenaline junkie jumped off a cliff into raging waters without wearing a life jacket and risked his life after getting caught in the “washing machine” like waters below.

Nicholas Coulter, 28, from California, USA, has been cliff jumping since the age of 13 and is an avid back flipper who “continues pushing his limits”.

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He trekked to the scenic Emerald pools near Lake Tahoe with his friends and couldn’t contain his eagerness when he saw the raging white waters.

He jumped right into the waters without wearing a life-jacket only to learn the biggest lesson of his life.

Nickgot stuck in “washing machine” like strong rapids for a minute.

The youngster, who is pursuing videography using YouTube as a creative platform, has now released the video of his struggle for life to warn intrepid youngsters like him who underestimate the power and wrath of nature.

Nicholas said: “I have been cliff jumping for 13 years.

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“Every summer my skills grew. I continued to push myself outside my comfort zone more and more.

“It was the first jump of the season and I was very eager to get back into cliff jumping.

“However, the currents were too dangerous still from a heavy winter snow runoff.

“I was nervous but confident in my swimming abilities, however I completely underestimated the power of the river.

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“I was stuck in the water well over a minute trying to swim back to shore.”

Recalling the harrowing moments, Nick further added: “White water was almost reaching the cliff but not quite so, we figured it was ok.

“I ended up jumping and right away I tried to reach the rocks directly under the cliff but the current was too strong.

“It swept me down the stream through a serious white water rapid.

“I got stuck and I couldn’t resurface.

“I ended up purposely sinking so I could push off the bottom to get out of the rapid.

“I was barely able to swim away, eventually getting a grip on the rocks.

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“I’ve never felt the pain of wanting oxygen so bad in my life.

“Two seconds longer in that rapid I would’ve taken a lung full of water and that would’ve been the end.

Nicholas said the experience left him shaken for 20 minutes after he succeeded in coming out of the rapids.

He added: “I was reluctant with posting the story to spare my loved ones from serious anxiety but I figured maybe a few can learn from this and avoid a disaster.

“We take safety very seriously. We want to continue pushing the limits but in a safe as possible way.

“The one time I decided not to wear mine, I needed it!

“It was not wise for me to not wear a life jacket. I usually wear one but decided for some reason not to that day.

“Huge lesson learned.

“Stay away from raging waters like this or wear a life jacket.”