Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

Hilarious horses with unusual moustaches started their day by enjoying a juicy watermelon in an amusing video.

Sherry Lescure, from Millet, Canada, filmed her gypsy cobs as they munched on watermelon last month (April 2).

PIC BY Sherry Lescure / CATERS NEWS

The two horses, Sugar Plum, 10, and Pita, four, dipped their thick facial hair in the juicy fruit as they hung out in the fresh Alberta countryside.

Gypsy cobs are known for growing long facial hair that takes the form of natural ‘beards’ and ‘moustaches’.

Sherry, a stay-at-home mum and horse keeper,  said: “My Gypsys were blessed with their natural hair!

PIC BY Sherry Lescure / CATERS NEWS

“The moustaches become very thick over the cold winter months here in our Canadian cold weather.

“They also have beards too, plus long thick hair all over, forelock, manes and tails.

“In the springtime and summer, between grooming and heat, they will lose and rub off a lot of the hair including some of their ‘staches!

“I groom them with tons of kisses!”