Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A trio of pranksters commandeered a fast food drive-thru speaker and disrupted hungry customers food orders.

Filmmaking twins Niko and Mark Martinovic, 29 and friend Mike Braithwaite, 22, took their fast food pranks to speaker in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on April 23rd, causing mass confusion.

Using nothing more than a wireless speaker that was connected to their cell phones and their own hilarious sense of humour, the jokers waited for customers to make their order before completely changing or even cancelling the orders through the speaker.

The end result was utter chaos and hilarity as neither the hungry customers or the fast food employees knew what was going on.

Niko said: “We came up with the prank a few years ago as we were going through a drive-thru.

“We thought how funny it would be if we ordered for random people at the drive-thru. We didn’t know how to execute it until we realised using a wireless speaker would do the trick.

“We placed the speaker behind the drive-thru speaker. We also added a wireless microphone beside it which was connected to our headphones so we could hear what was going on from distance.

“We then added a go pro camera on the top of the drive-thru food menu sign to capture their reactions.

“We were amused how simple it was to confuse people in an everyday scenario.

“We never got caught but the employees were quick to act on it and some choose to come out and see what was wrong because they were confused as well.

“We told everyone at the end of the clip that it was a prank and they all seemed alright with it.

“We would love to do this again as it was a lot of fun filming and pranking people tastefully through an everyday situation.”