Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

A pair of tiny bear cubs happily tussled and played together as their mother watched over and protected them.

Judy Lehmberg, 66, couldn’t believe her luck when she spotted the playful pair frolicking in the grass Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming as their mum kept a close eye on them.

The retired biology professor and avid wildlife film maker managed to capture some truly adorable footage of the furry duo as their awesome and impressive mother got down to the bare necessities and chowed down on some delicious grass while keeping a cautious eye out.

Judy said: “The female grizzly is known as Obsidian Sow because she lives near Obsidian Cliffs.

“The cubs were super cute so filming them was an extra special treat.

“I’m very happy to know that that mother has two healthy, happy cubs.”