Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

Watch as this man takes what is seemingly a normal longboard and turns it into his dancing partner with the most innovative moves.

Benoit ‘Fincky’ Finck captured legendary longboard dancer, Lotfi Lamaali, with his tiny drone as he struts his stuff on a picturesque estate near Paris, France.

The drone darts underneath the board as Lotfi balances on his front two wheels, then both rider and drone spin in tandem with an elegant energy.

At one point, Lotfi plucks the drone out of mid-air and gives the camera a friendly tap.

Lotfi’s twinkle toes pin and move, jumping on and off the board and performing dance-inspired tricks with his board.

Fincky said: “I worked closely together with Lotfi to create something unique, each suggesting to the other what could be done, that creative process was absolutely fantastic.

“Some movements were choreographed like the time I fly under his board; others were completely improvised.

“It had to be a double performance from both the longboard dancer and the drone pilot. So, we both had to get it right at the same time.

“This took a toll on both of us but we kept smiling.”