Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A pair of Aussie pranksters completed an arduous 10-hour long road trip travelling on nothing but rented scooters down the Gold Coast.

Video producers Benjamin Griggs and Sam Parsons decided they wanted to test the durability of Brisbane’s Lime Electric Scooter service.

Putting the pedal to the metal and hitting the highway on a long road-the two didn’t want to take the easy route from their hometown of Brisbane to beautiful Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast on April 6.

After 10 hours, 16 scooters and a whole lot of grit and determination the two lads somehow managed arrived at their end destination.

Benjamin said: “We travelled for 10 hours on the scooters.

“It was a very physically and mentally exhausting journey.

“To stand in the same position for 10 hours in the sweltering sun was difficult.

“Once we completed the trip we felt on top of the world and proud to be Australian. It felt amazing and the beers were well deserved.”