Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A daring couple highlined 80 metres above a city, while one of them was wearing a dress.

Bogdan Korzhenevskiy and wife Marina treats their hometown of Voronezh, Russia, like one giant playground.

Sneaking up a tower in the dead of the night, the daring 27-year-olds weren’t going to allow anything get in the way of his highlining dreams.

Heading 80 metres up into the early morning Russian sky, Bogdan and his crew managed to pull off an amazing balancing act, with the city as their backdrop.

Hanging between two iron towers, Bogdan successfully highlined above the picturesque backdrop despite the blustery weather.

Bogdan said: “This is our creativity. We try to make beautiful and unusual acts. We prepare all the tricks thoroughly for a long time.

“We try to do something unusual. We use our imagination and try to select interesting places.”