Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

A nutty pet owner has taught his squirrel how to dance along with him.

When Joseph Warens rescued Petina from another animal’s mouth when she was a baby, he didn’t expect to have a dance partner.

However, after just a couple of months the squirrel had recovered and started showing interest in playing with Joseph.

Now she will happily twirl around on a towel which the 30-year-old holds in the air or jump off the inside of his legs as they stand on the porch at home in Florida.

Joseph said: “We play pretty much all day but, in the mornings, I try to let her burn off as much of it as possible.

“Petina’s a blast to have around and we consider her making home with us a blessing.

“She seemed to always have a playful sweet spirit but I would say things picked up somewhere in-between 2-3 months.

“Her energy levels were starting to rise around that time – a lot less sleeping and much more playing.

 “As far as quirky behaviour she loves to jump around and parkour off everything.”