Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A muddled moggy experienced rain for the first time tries desperately to catch the drops.

As the after effects of Cyclone Cook passed through Dunedin, New Zealand, on April 14 Cosmos the confused cat had her first taste of precipitation of any kind.

With owner Jess Richards and her fiancée Danielle watching on, the eight-month-old kitten sat on her hind legs and swatted her paws in futility as the water falls all around her.

Unable find the source of the rain after staring straight at the sky, Cosmo then leaps into the air and lands facing the other way having not snaffled any rain.

Jess said: “Me and Danielle found it hilarious and you can hear her laughing in the video.

“This isn’t out of the ordinary for Cosmo as she can be a little different at times.

“We had all been cooped up inside for two days because of the cyclone and finally gave into the pestering to be left out.

“As Cosmo is young and was a summer baby, she has never experienced rain like this.

“She thought all the drops were bugs to catch and did this for a good few minutes.”

Jess and Danielle – who have another cat called Luna – admit that Cosmo chose them, rather than the other way around.

Jess said: “Cosmo has always been a bit odd but in a good way I mean.

“We went to view her and the rest of her litter and as soon as we entered the room she climbed up my leg and started purring and cuddling.

“Even putting her back on the floor she’d just climb straight back up hence the decision to take her home with us wasn’t ours it was hers and it truly wasn’t a mistake.

“She loves adventuring and being nosey to the point of nearly injuring herself on multiple occasions.”