Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

An avid climber scaled a frozen waterfall in the wintery wonderland of Norway.

Gytis Burauskas of Vilnius, Lithuania, packed up his climbing equipment and travelled to the wintery wonderland of Rjukan, to scale massive frozen waterfalls.

Climbing a variety of waterfalls with weird and wonderful shapes, Gytis plunged his ice axes into the solid ice, as the avid climber and his crew cautiously climbed up the slippery face.

With drone shots showing the ginormous scale and unique beauty of the snow-capped hills and mountains, the climbers look as if they are scaling floating clouds and solid candy floss.  

Gytis said: “I enjoy nature and unusual, extreme activities. Ice climbing makes me feel alive and also allows me to explore wonders of nature and places that are not so easy to access.

“There’s always risk involved, whether it be falling ice, your mistakes, other climbers’ mistakes, unpredictable weather or other potential risks.

“However, we were cautious and took safety measures.

“For example, there’s increased risk of ice breaking and falling under sunshine, so on the sunny days we were avoiding south facing waterfalls or were climbing very early in the morning. 

“Ice climbing is highly dependent on weather conditions and the nature of the ice and whether it is fresh and hard or porous and softer.

“There are various degrees of difficulty while climbing. 

“Some waterfalls can be easily climbed even for a novice climber given proper training, others are extremely dangerous and difficult.”