Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

An ingenious father created a motorised, hands-free baby carrier in order for his four-month-old to take a spin.

In a creation that would be a perfect fit for the Mario Kart Baby Park track, Gin-Lung Cheng designed the mini-motor to get daughter Chloe moving.

Cruising around everywhere from the kitchen to quaint Maximapark, in the small village of Vleuten, Utrecht, The Netherlands, Chloe looked very comfortable in her hands-free ride around town.

Gin-Lung said: “I was fascinated by the TV-show Robot Wars when I was growing up.

“I always had the idea of building a remote-controlled robot just for the fun of it. 

“While thinking about it, I thought it would be a fun joke to put a baby carrier on top of it to surprise my wife.

“I couldn’t stop laughing at the anticipation of the look on my wife’s face. I knew her face would be priceless.”