Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

An incredible athlete showed off his balance by walking on his hands while balancing on rolling dumbbells.

Christopher Joyce was training with his mum when he took the barbell and did a handstand while balancing on it.

In a Bronx-based gym, Christopher’s mum began to roll the smaller dumbbells towards him and he started to walk on his hands from one dumbbell to the other while flawlessly maintaining his balance.

Christopher flexes his muscles by performing some intense strength exercises, moving in a controlled way in different positions.

What’s more impressive are the tricks he displays; catching dumbbells while balancing, balancing with one hand, and doing press ups.

Christopher said: “When people first see me, they can’t believe I could do all of those tricks on something that’s rolling. 

“The tricky part is that it moves while you are trying to balance on it.

“It took me a year to really get good at it.

“I do handstands every day, so now that I have mastered it, I have more freedom.

“I do whatever move I have in mind and if I can’t pull the move off, I train to accomplish that one move. 

“I can walk far on my hands, not sure how far, and I never been beat in a handstand race!”