By Aliki Kraterou

Three designers had the brilliant idea to replace the traditional cotton buds with a £7 reusable one in order to reduce plastic consumption.

Nicolas Aagaard, 34, his sister Isabel Aagaard, 28 and Kåre Frandsen, 39, launched their crowdfunding campaign less than two weeks ago but they already had more than 10,000 customers willing to try the eco- friendly cotton swabs.

PIC FROM Philip Flindt/Caters News

The trio from Copenhagen, Denmark, came up with the idea after realising how many single use plastic products are being dumped in the oceans every day.

The ‘LastSwab’  is made from silicone and nylon and can be cleaned with regular soap- there is even a make-up version of it.

Nicolas, CEO of LastSwab, said: “We wanted to design a product that would be good for the environment, that would have a positive impact.

“We spent a lot of time researching what would that be and we looked into the single-use market.

PIC FROM Philip Flindt/Caters News

“A person can use many cotton buds in a day so if we could create something to reduce that, we’d have a massive positive impact.

“When we figured out what we wanted to do, the designing process was easy  -it appeals to people and it looks exactly like a cotton swab.

“The most difficult thing would be to ensure the quality is right, to make sure it’s durable.

“To be honest, I was worried people might think it’s yucky but that wasn’t the case.

PIC FROM Philip Flindt/Caters News

“If we had launched this a year ago, we wouldn’t have the success we had today- the time is just right and people are concerned about the environment.

“Once we set up everything and everything goes well, our plan is to move to other interesting, more challenging areas, such as plastic bags and toilet paper. “

Isabel added: “This initial success shows the potential of transforming traditional single-use products into reusable ones – and the LastSwab is just the tip of the spear for opening people’s ears to this radical change of how we view products.

PIC FROM Philip Flindt/Caters News

“We want LastSwab and upcoming reusable products to be part of a future where we are much more thoughtful of how we spend our resources so that maybe our grandchildren will laugh at how grandad used to throw out products he had only used once, as if there was a planet B.