Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

A hotshot amateur basketball player broke a world record after shooting 31 consecutive 3-pointers in one minute.

On February 24, basketball trainer, Anthony Joseph Miracola III managed to net himself a coveted new Guinness world record at the age of 35.

The relentless baskets just keep coming as spectators watch on and keep count while Anthony continues to shoot for the hoop.

The previous record was 26 before Anthony stepped up and smashed the tally by bagging 31 before the chain was broken with a missed shot.

Anthony said: ““When I did it, I initially felt upset because I missed a few at tail end. I had made more baskets while practicing.

“Overall I was happy though, I wanted to at least get into the thirties and I did.

“I am planning to break several other records in the future, I just need to decide on them first.”