Video Viral

By David Aspinall

A cheeky toddler ran off with a beer can before bursting into tears when he had to give it back.

As Rudy Salo enjoyed a cold can of Harpoon IPA at home in California, his 14-month-old Aleks pilfered the can and hid behind their couch.

Chasing him around the downstairs, Rudy tries to catch up with his thirsty son who giggles as he potters away.

Finally catching up to Aleks, it takes a concerted effort to get the beer out of his hand, causing the toddler to burst into tears.

Rudy said: “Aleks was so frustrated when I took it off him.

“Even though it was almost empty he wanted the beer so badly.

“It took a good fifteen seconds of me pulling with some strength to get it out of his hand.

“He ran from behind the couch all the way through our living room and almost through our entire kitchen.

“He has tried to drink my beer whenever I have one, he tries to grab for it every time.

“This is the first time he stole my beer and he was so happy that he got it.”