Offbeat Video

By Joseph McFarlane

An urban explorer took a tour around an abandoned missile base left over from the Cold War.

When actor Jesse St Louis set out to visit the LA-88 Nike Missile Launch Site in Chatsworth, California, he wasn’t sure what he’d find.

Walking through the graffiti stained walls, the 41-year-old finally made it to an underground bunker after climbing down a hatch.

Stepping out into the pitch black, Jesse walked around underground for a while where he found broken power lines and graffiti that read ‘leave while you can’.

Jesse said: “It was really scary down in the bunker.

“It was my first time being underground in an abandoned place and I started to get freaked out.

“Your mind starts seeing and hearing things and I was worried I might stumble across some weird Satanic ritual or something.”

While he was on the site – which was operational between 1957 and 1874 – Jesse also came across a radar control area.

Jesse said: “I felt super stimulated and my adrenaline was pumping.

“It was hard to say if what I felt was coming from outside myself but it definitely had a strange and powerful energy to it.”