Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

Distressing images of a pod of killer whales killing a female gray whale and her calf were captured on camera.

Marine Biologist Nancy Black filmed the gruesome attack in Monterey Bay, California, while on a whale-expedition with a boatload of passengers.

A drone operated by the Monterey Bay Whale Watch team filmed the gory scenes captured blood pour into the water, as five orcas repeatedly pounced and rammed the mother and calf last weekend (April 27).

The attack lasted for four hours as the parent struggled to protect her offspring from the powerful predatorial pack.

The area is known as being one of the deadliest areas for grey whales as they migrate south.

Nancy, owner of Monterey Bay Whale Watch, said “We were watching the killer whales near the southern edge of the canyon as they zig zagged back and forth when they suddenly sped up and pounced on the mum and calf.

“It was difficult to watch for all the passengers as the killer whales worked as a team to repeatedly ram the calf and try and separate from its mother.

“This predator-prey interaction is a harsh fact of nature and the whale watchers were in awe as they experienced their own ‘National Geographic’ moment in person.

“This is also the first time we have filmed an attack from start to finish with a drone.

“The Monterey Submarine Canyon in the Monterey Bay is one of the most dangerous parts of gray whales’ long migration from Mexico to Alaska, as killer whales frequent the bay during the spring and patrol the canyon’s edges looking for them.