Offbeat Video

By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A Kmart-addicted mum has shown off her undying love for the department store after filming a hilarious music video inside the aisles of her local chain.

Mum-of-three Ellie West said she has been obsessed with Australian department store Kmart ever since she can remember and even admitted to visiting her local store nearly every day.

The 27-year-old from Orange, New South Wales, Australia, said she wanted a unique and memorable way to pay tribute to her favourite place in the world.

And with the help her high school worker husband Jake, 27, the mum bravely visited her local Kmart store last week [23 APRIL] in order to create an unforgettable music video in the aisles.

The hilarious video shows Ellie joyfully skipping into the store, throwing clothes up into the air, rolling around in a mound of clothes, jumping out of a pile of pillows, and even enjoying a glass of ‘wine’ next to an aisle full of fake flowers.

Ellie, who is studying a bachelor of education at university, said: “I’ve loved Kmart forever and I always go there just to have some me time.

“I’m addicted to it and I’m there every second day if not every day.

“My husband knows how much I adore Kmart, so we came up with the idea to shoot a music video.

“My sisters and I did a similar thing last year, but we lost the video, so I wanted to recreate it.

“We went in and just waited until there was nobody around to film it the different scenes.

“The funniest part was when I was jumping out of the pile of pillows, a Kmart employee walked past but didn’t say anything.

“I thought we might get chucked out of the store, but they didn’t really notice.

“We put everything back, and the wine glass that I used I paid for that. It wasn’t actually wine though; it was just Coca-Cola”

Ellie said that the experience would make a good memory to look back on and added that she would return to Kmart for another music video in the future.

She said: “I really enjoyed doing it. My husband and I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.

“Jake come up with most of the ideas. It is a funny memory to look back on.

“We wanted Dancing Queen as the song as its so happy and fun. It matches up perfectly.

“All my family and friends thought it was hilarious.

“We’d definitely do this again one day, maybe next time with my sisters”