Video Viral

By Jack Mobley

Skin crawling footage shows a swarm of huntsman spiders hatching from an egg.

Ray Johnson put a nest inside of an isolated container as the owner of the mother huntsman spider watches on as the myriad of baby spiders are unleashed.

The laboratory technician, from Sydney, Australia, captured the clip as he comments on the footage while the juvenile critters begin to escape the egg.

The nest is gently removed from the main enclosure to a smaller plastic container as to not have all the newly-hatches to scurry around inside Ray’s home.

Quickly the container begins to fill with hundreds of tiny spiders and begin to spin a very fine webbing inside.

Ray said: “I didn’t count them but I would guess that there was over 100 hundred. 

“Upon filming the egg sac, I noticed recently hatched spiders so, I quickly setup a temporary enclosure that didn’t have small opening they could pass through to keep them in.

“The spiders also spun a very fine network of web, unable to be seen in the footage, that spanned the entire enclosure. 

“I also noticed that the large and relatively heavy egg sac was lifted off the enclosure bottom.

“I was initially amazed at the number of spiders that hatched then, a feeling of relief came over me as I realised that all the spiders could have escaped into my bedroom!”