By Jacob King

This mad hare clearly didn’t like having his picture taken – and cheekily responded by sticking his tongue out.

Snapper Dave Potts spotted the animal in Farleigh Wallop, outside Basingstoke, Hants, last week.


The intrepid photographer crawled along a damp field to get close enough, but once the hare heard the sound of the shutter on his camera it raised its ears before running off.

When inspecti9ng his pictures later, software engineer Dave, 29, from Basingstoke, realised the animal had hilariously stuck his tongue out in the picture.

He said: “I was up in the fields and saw the hare in the distance.


“I decided to try to get up close to it and after army-crawling along the damp field getting covered in mud, I managed to get close enough for some good shots.

 “Once the hare heard the shutter from my camera it sat up, ears up, and looked over at me.

 “I took a couple of shots of the hare staring at me before it ran off.


 “It was only when I got home looking through the photos that I noticed the shot with his tongue out and had to laugh.”