Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

An adrenaline addict, speed flyer takes the fear factor up a notch as he jumps off a mountain blind and dives through the clouds.

Jamie Lee hit speeds of up to 75mph as descended from the top of a mountain in Innsbruck, Austria.

As Jamie prepared his parachute for his flight, layers of clouds obscure the view of the speed flyers but this does not hold any of them back as they sprint to gain speed before taking to the air.

After a moment of poor visibility, the beauty of the Austrian landscape is revealed as Jamie executes a thrilling barrel roll.

He continues down dry riverbeds, barely skimming the ground and the tops of trees.

When Jamie enters into a clearing, he gracefully spirals downward to open field to land safely after a heart-racing flight.

Jamie said: “I have been speed flying for eight years and it’s just a passion for me.

“I had a pure focus on what was ahead through the clouds, as to naturally map the line of flight in that moment.

“I was in Austria to enjoy the nature and the mountains.

“I found this spot with a lot of prior experience learning mountain conditions, looking for good gradient and wind conditions.

“I aim to get as close to the ground as possible, as close as skimming it.

“Through weight shift and control input we can barrel roll around the wing or dive to gain great speed.”