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By Neo Bye

An adorable five-year-old explains in detail what Black Holes are, how they are formed and what they do.

Intelligent Zia Purohit starts off by explaining that they are areas with a lot of gravity, the force she demonstrates by jumping off the ground and landing quickly.

Using a drawing she has created, the five-year-old then explains the Black Hole is created when a star collapses.

Zia then explains to mum Sheela how a spaceship would be turned into ‘spaghetti’ as the Black Hole would stretch it out.

Sheela, Winterville, North Carolina, said: “Zia was so excited when that picture of the Black Hole first appeared.

“At seven-months-old, Zia of course didn’t know how to read but would crawl to the books with planets on the cover and either pick them up or point to them.

“She has always loved science and I think it comes from how many books she reads.

“She has always been very curious about everything.”