By Jamie Smith

AHHH! These adorable pictures of mice hiding inside colourful tulips are sure to melt your heart.

This a-mice-ing new collection of images were taken in Bournemouth by 54-year-old Professional Photographer, Miles Herbert, during spring 2019.

Pic by Miles Herbert/Caters News=

Throughout the images a selection of Harvest Mice are shown climbing to the tops of the beautiful buds and slotting themselves neatly inside, presumably for a well-deserved rest after the climb.

Miles said: “Harvest Mice are the smallest European Rodent, with adults weighing in at around four to six grams each.

Pic by Miles Herbert/Caters News =

“When coupled with their agility, and prehensile tail it makes them great climbers.

“The mice are very inquisitive, and will explore everywhere in their search for food, climbing up and into the flowers giving lots of opportunities to photograph them.

“These endearing little creatures are so photogenic and so full of character.”