By Kim Reader

A medium captured a Beatles reunion when she snapped what appear to be the faces of dead legends John Lennon and George Harrison on a piece of silver paper.

Gran-of-12 Christine Hamlett, 60, invites spirits to reveal themselves in reflective substances such as water, steam and silver origami before taking photos – and claims to have been visited by the ghosts of Princess Diana, Elvis, Michael Jackson and Winston Churchill.

Her method of reaching out to the spirit world via camera is a form of instrumental transcommunication (ITC) – the use of electrical equipment to make contact with those who have died.

Pic from Mercury Press/ Caters News. Christine Hamlett holding the image of John Lennon and George Harrison.

And now the retired mum-of-four believes she may have had a joint visitation as her latest snap appears to show the two slightly overlapping faces of John and George – complete with iconic bushy brows and dark mop tops.

Christine, of Northwich, Cheshire, said: “I use silver origami paper – you have to pin it to a hard surface so I use a tray – and then I ask the spirits to show themselves and take a photo.

“I don’t invite any particular ghosts or spirits to reveal themselves. I want any spirit to have the opportunity. I don’t see who it is until I look at the pictures afterwards.

“This time as soon as I looked at the photo, I instantly thought it looked just like John and George.

Pic from Mercury Press/ Caters News. Apparitions of John Lennon and George Harrison on a piece of silver paper.

“I looked at it another three or four times thinking ‘is it them, isn’t it?’ It’s always good to doubt and question yourself.

“It is a gorgeous photo. I think the faces are so clear. I have no idea why they would chose to appear. I have no connection to them, apart from being a big fan, but there they are.

“It’s not the first time I’ve been visited by celebrities. I also have pictures of Princess Diana and Michael Jackson but it is rare.

Pic from Mercury Press/ Caters News. Apparitions of Michel Jackson on the piece of silver paper. 

Pic from Mercury Press/ Caters News. Apparitions of Princess Diana on the piece of silver paper.

“Most of the spirits that come through are just everyday people and then I’ll get the odd pet. I have a lovely photo of a little dog. Sometimes you do get some really weird things.”

When Christine takes a photo of a spirit or ghost unknown to her, she posts it on her social media and said she has had people get in touch to identify their lost loved ones.

Having lost her dad Dom Pickering in her twenties and her sister Carolyn Pickering three years ago, Christine says the idea of a life after death does bring her some comfort.

And while the gran believes it is always good to keep questioning the existence of an afterlife, she is certain that if there is one, John and George will be doing what they did best.

Christine said: “Believing in something after death does bring me some comfort but, of course, you never stop missing the person.

“And even thought I can feel a connection to my dad, sister and other spirits, I’d still say I’m only 99.9 per cent sure of an afterlife. It is always good to keep questioning otherwise you stop progressing.

“I don’t expect everyone to believe that I can capture pictures of spirits. I don’t do it to try to prove it to people, I do it to prove it to myself.

“If there is an afterlife, I’m sure John and George are doing exactly what they did best in this life – making music and inspiring others.”

The medium, who used to have her own TV show, has felt a connection with the afterlife for as long as she can remember – often seeing ghostly figures and communing with spirits from beyond the grave.

But Christine, who also has a passion for finding celebrity doppelgangers from past lives, delved into developing her abilities after losing her dad to a stroke in her early twenties.

Christine’s father’s death made her more determined than ever to find out whether there was something after death so she visited a spiritual church where a medium gave her the sign she was looking for.

Christine said: “I have memories for as long as I can remember of having these feelings, feelings that something or someone was there.

“When my dad died, even though I had always felt there was something after life, I wanted to know for sure.

“I went to a spiritual church and I said to my dad in my head ‘just give me something, a sign, just tell me you love me and I’ll know’.

“And then at the end of the evening, the medium turned to me and told me there was a gentleman that just wanted me to know he loved me.

“That was it, I knew then it had to come from my dad because I hadn’t told anybody that thought. After that sign I started to develop my abilities.”